video content specialist

First off, I’ll be frank: I think I’ve seen the title of Video Content Specialist on a resume maybe only 2 or 3 times, and I’ve never been contacted by an employer to help recruit one. Content Marketing Manager is much more common. That said, video content as a marketing tool is undergoing a meteoric rise: A new report from Cisco predicts that by 2018, video will account for 84 percent of all Internet traffic.

Some are calling video the future: Nielsen says two-thirds of marketers surveyed expect video to someday dominate their strategies. Al- ready the top 100 global consumer brands operate nearly 1,400 YouTube channels, according to Pixability.

Video’s growth is happening beyond YouTube. There are plenty of other video platforms on which businesses can showcase their products and services, such as Vimeo and Vidyard. The position of Video Marketing Director, or Video Content Specialist, could someday be as common as manager of email marketing or social media, particularly among businesses that rely on more visual communications to market their products or service. This position calls for high-level strategic thinkers who know how to integrate video into the organization’s overall digital marketing strategy. The Video Content Specialist must have a sense for what makes quality, engaging video presentations and how to make sure a brand’s marketing message is front and center within those marketing communications.

Because this position is new, video strategy leaders also need to be proactive about identifying ways in which video can be used by a firm – such as press releases, product announcements, visual media to help the sales department, customized videos within email – and must be able to work with every relevant unit in moving video-based projects to their finish.  And, like any other new channel or effort, the Content Marketing Manager needs to determine which measurements it can influence, and make sure those measurements dovetail with organization objectives.

Although it’s now a couple of years old, I still direct digital marketers to an article that Fast Company published back in 2012 entitled “Why Short-Form Video is the Future of Marketing.” You can read it here.

What’s the best hot new job of the future? The one you create by recognizing an opportunity and positioning yourself to fill it. Video Content Specialist is definitely among them!