Jerry Bernhart is uniquely qualified to help you with your mobile marketing recruiting needs:

  • Author of “From Cell Phone to Sell Phone: Hiring the Best Mobile Marketers,” a research report published by the International Journal of Mobile Marketing (IJMM), and distributed worldwide.
  • Selected by Australia-based Appster to recruit and place their first CMO in the U.S. in 2014.
  • Jerry Bernhart’s book, “Careers in Ecommerce and Digital Marketing,” has been chosen as recommended reading for the mCordis “Accredited Professional Qualification in Mobile Marketing” course, and includes a dedicated section on career opportunities within the mobile “ecosystem.”
  • The critical skills that define the best digital and direct marketers are transferable to mobile marketing. Mobile marketers understand consumer behavior and analysis, they respect privacy, they are customer-centric, they are excellent communicators and they know and respond to data and trends with measurable results. Jerry Bernhart has specialized in locating, evaluating and placing candidates with these exact skill sets for 20 years. Our main focus includes mobile ad serving, online platforms and behaviorial targeting.
  • Our contact network in mobile marketing is unmatched, including corporate leaders, board members and top service providers in all areas of the mobile marketing “ecosystem.” The Bernhart Associates Quarterly Digital and Direct Marketing Employment Report is widely distributed throughout the mobile marketing industry.

A proud member of many regional and national multichannel marketing associations, the Minnesota Association of Personnel Services, Database Marketing Institute and Advisory Board of Data University.