Skills required for success in mobile marketing

In my white paper, “From Cell Phone to Sell Phone: Hiring the Best Mobile Marketers,” which was published by the International Journal of Mobile Marketing, I outlined a number of key attributes employers look for when screening and interviewing candidates for mobile marketing-related positions.  Each and every one of the placements I have mad as a mobile marketing recruiter validate the need for these mobile marketing skills, and as the demand for this talent accelerates, this is an appropriate time to remind those who are seeking careers in this fast-paced, cutting edge and very dynamic field, that employers have a check list of must-haves.  How do well do you match these criteria?

Comprehending/embracing the importance of privacy. Mobile phone users are very aware of – and concerned about – how companies use personal information. According to a survey by Website Magazine, 26 percent of apps are used only once, and are then uninstalled by the user. One of the top reasons, according to the survey, is because of concerns over privacy, and it’s easy to understand why: A number of utility and gaming apps lift personal information from your handset. Mobile marketers are coming under increasing scrutiny by regulators, so knowing how to strike a balance between safeguarding private information and executing promotions that sell is crucial.

Having a customer-centric mindset. A mobile device represents a far more intimate conduit for a consumer’s attention than, say, an emailbox, or a web browser. Upon waking, a consumer is as likely to reach for a mobile device as his or her buzzing alarm clock (in many instances, their mobile phone is their alarm clock). The highly personal nature of mobile devices presents both challenges and opportunities for mobile marketers. Mobile marketers understand that their customers’ behavior can be influenced by recognition, relationships, and rewards. Through database marketing, mobile marketers can recognize and build relationships with tens of thousands or even millions of customers, individually – but just like intimate personal relationships, when these relationships are compromised, the fallout is more profound. Those wit the most successful mobile marketing skills have a heightened sense of empathy, which they apply to their campaigns.

Being comfortable with data and knowing the trends. Mobile marketers enjoy asking questions – especially “why” – and looking for new ways to engage their customers while at the same time leveraging the predictive power of consumer purchase and behavioral analysis. Again, because of mobile’s highly personal nature, the channel is especially suited to tailored, relevant messages and offers. Mobile executives need mobile marketing skills that are conversant with the types of data available to them, and how that information can be used to generate marketing communications.

Ability to build collaborative working relationships. Developing and executing successful mobile marketing programs is a team sport. Individual efforts notwithstanding, solving complex business problems requires multiple skill sets and approaches. In order for a mobile marketing campaign to be successful, many pieces have to come together smoothly. This becomes especially important within integrated marketing campaigns, in which mobile marketers may be called upon to work with cross-functional teams. Good collaboration leads to good innovation, and that’s good for mobile marketing skills.