Mobile marketing skills in digital commerce Recently, I had occasion to meet with a long-time associate of mine who currently runs a $200 million dollar multichannel consumer products company. He was proud to share that under his watch, their ecommerce business had tripled in just under three years to nearly $90 million dollars.  Nearly one-half of that business, he added, was now coming from mobile phones.  Later that day, Facebook released its fourth quarter earnings, a report that truly underscored the growing dominance of mobile marketing skills. Fully 84% of Facebook’s advertising revenue last quarter was based on mobile, an astonishing metric when you consider that only 5 years ago Facebook was still struggling to find its own mobile footing. As a mobile marketing recruiter, this was truly eye-opening.

This got me thinking about my own mobile strategy as a mobile marketing recruiter, and it should have any business that does business online thinking about theirs as well. We all know that most ecommerce now comes through mobile devices, and yet it’s amazing how many smaller business that contact my office still treat mobile as an after thought. That’s dangerous thinking. Kind of like putting up a sign in a storefront that proclaims, “You’ll get a better retail experience if you visit our competition.” But that spells huge opportunity for mobile-savvy digital marketers. In fact, survey after survey puts mobile marketing skills right up there among the ten most sought after attributes in digital marketing. The Facebook earnings report serves as a timely reminder for those who manage digital marketing and ecommerce teams of the importance of knowing how to use the tools and platforms for the small screen. In fact, it’s been my experience that the best mobile marketers have a cross-section of marketing skills in addition to the experience of working within the mobile ecosystem.

Take a moment to take stock of your mobile marketing skills, and if you’re in a job search, anticipate those basic interview questions that employers often ask when the topic turns to mobile:  Have you optimized company websites for the mobile and tablet screen environment? How did you make sure that the business was easy to find on mobile search engines? Did you provide regular content updates? Did you continually test and measure your mobile strategy? Did you create an SMS or text message list, and how did you market to that list? If they don’t ask these questions, it’s your opportunity to enlighten them.

Most of the day-to-day discussions I have with both employers and candidates tend to center around what I call the big three: Content marketing, social media and paid and earned search.  But mobile cuts across all of them, and that makes mobile marketing skills something you really need to master to be successful in the increasingly mobile world of digital commerce.