marketing technology recruiter In one of my recent coaching sessions on, I was asked by a Director-level Marketing candidate to review her resume and tell her whether or not I would consider her a strong “marketing technologist”, or MarTech as it is also called.  She was targeting her job search for marketing technology jobs. The term itself is the subject of some debate because of the lack of overall consensus on exactly who they are and what they do, but essentially, she wanted to make sure she was highlighting her ability to align technology with business goals. As anyone in digital marketing and ecommerce knows, this capability is becoming increasingly critical for success, and at the more senior levels, it’s imperative. Just look at the migration of marketing budgets: For many of my clients as marketing technology recruiter, online commerce represents the biggest technology investment they make.

So, how do you make sure your resume communicates that you are fully at home in marketing automation to help an employer create competitive advantage when you apply for marketing technology jobs?

Here is a short list some key marketing technology-related questions you should ask yourself when filling out the experience section of your resume

-Have I integrated customer-focused journeys with the “tools of the trade.”?
-Have I been able to translate fluently between the technical and non-technical parts of my organization (s)?
-Can I describe the bottom line impact of a campaign (s) I put together from a technology solution that I helped select and/or implement.
-Have I been called upon to explain this stuff to senior management, help them understand the importance of MarTech’s influence on the business, and gained their support?
-At the executive level (VP or higher), have I served as the “glue” aligning goals and support from IT and the broader marketing team?
-Am I hands-on with the technology, when required?
-Do I have zero complacency?
-Can I talk about my ability to learn new tools? (Having experience with a particular tool is less important than showing that you can learn the tools you possess).
-Can I show how I have leveraged technology to improve marketing processes?
-Can I show accomplishments that draw a big fat connection between what I did and how it grew the business?
-Have I evaluated and selected technology providers?

If you cover these points on your resume for marketing technology jobs, I think you will find that you’ll be sending a crystal clear message to whoever reads it, including this marketing technology recruiter, that you’ll be able to help them realize the full ROI potential of their marketing stack.

THAT is what I call a strong “marketing technologist”!