Key Factors for Success


During my 34 years of experience as a marketing recruiter, I have determined that these 8 attributes are KEY determinants of candidate success, and I put a laser focus on each of these when qualifying my candidates:

-Critical thinking

-Relevant functional skills to the position being filled

-Track record/progression of success

-Leadership ability

-Organizational Skills

-Cultural fit

-Educational background

-Emotional Intelligence

In-House Visit

I offer all clients the opportunity to personally meet with me at your offices to discuss your search and learn your culture. This is a significant differentiator in my process. I believe it’s true what they say: Culture eats strategy for lunch. Experiencing your work environment first-hand, understanding your industry, your customers, your competitors, your management styles and philosophies, meeting key stakeholders and understanding what’s important to them, understanding the way teams work together and make decisions, designing a job description that focuses on performance outcomes rather than only “must-haves.” In short, I really get to know your company. This level of “high touch” recruitment truly sets me apart. It virtually assures that the person you hire for your mission critical hire will be the right fit. And nothing is more important.

Job Description

My highly defined and time-tested marketing recruiter process begins with an in-depth discussion with the hiring manager and human resources to clearly understand the duties and responsibilities of the position, organizational structure, and the main business problem or challenge that our candidate will be hired to solve. Also, discussion of industry experience, functional expertise and other attributes required for successful performance. Clients have access to my very extensive library of marketing recruiter job descriptions to help them in drafting a performance profile. For all searches conducted on an engagement fee basis, I will offer to draft the job description for you.

Cultural Assessment

The critical importance of cultural alignment is a centerpiece of my process as a seasoned marketing recruiter, a philosophy that I have shared in my writings and presentations over the past three decades. An in-depth discussion of company culture is included to ensure the right fit, both professionally and personally.

Candidate Research

Identify potential candidates and recruitment sources. Develop an initial list of companies to target, a list that will be continuously optimized during the search process. Key differentiator: Leveraging my extensive experience and contact network, I know candidate reputations “ahead of the search”.

Candidate Recruiting and Presentation

Contact, evaluate and qualify potential candidates through our extensive cross-referenced network with compelling messages to stimulate interest, particularly among those who are not in a job search. Re-calibrate/fine-tune search if necessary based on initial findings. Present 3-5 qualified and highly motivated candidates for first-round interviews. Typically, we’ll have the first resume on your desk within two weeks. You’ll receive search updates no less than once per week. Key differentiator: I do not delegate the all-important tasks of recruiting, interviewing and negotiating to research associates or junior staffers. I personally make each and every contact throughout the entire recruiting process, performing rigorous screening to locate, evaluate and help you attract and hire top performers. His very high recognition quotient in digital and omnichannel marketing gives your search enormous credibility.

You will receive weekly updates on all screened candidates.


Debrief first and second round interviews to gauge mutual interest, re-address all major candidate qualifiers (compensation, relocation, title, travel, timing, benefits, family considerations, etc) to identify and address potential obstacles to candidacy.

Reference Checks

Thorough references are conducted for the finalist candidate.

Negotiations and Closing

Deliver the employment offer, handle negotiations, and leverage Jerry’s deep knowledge of compensation levels and trends during the final stages. Because I heavily pre-qualify candidates prior to the offer stage, unexpected surprises and turndowns are extremely rare.


I remain engaged with both parties to ensure the candidate gets off to a successful start during the first 90 days of employment.

This proven, time-tested, highly effective marketing recruiter process has resulted in the successful placement of more than 820 digital, ecommerce and direct marketing professionals since 1990. Our two-year placement success rate stands at 94%. It also important to note that the vast majority of our searches come from previously satisfied clients.

Process for Candidates

  • First, I thank you for your interest in my opportunity. It is not easy to pursue something new while dealing with the demands and pressures of a full-time job, and I appreciate that.
  • I require total honesty. Employers depend on me as a marketing recruiter, and pay me, to provide accurate information about my candidates. Misrepresentation has a way of coming around, particularly through formal or informal reference checking and other network contacts. Be truthful about everything.
  • If I call or email you to request some information, please get back to me within 72 hours. If you’re hung up and can’t tell me anything other than you’re extremely busy at the moment or have other pressing matters and will get back to me as soon as you can, that’s perfectly fine. What I don’t want is radio silence. If more than three days go by without any word whatsoever, I will assume you are no longer interested in the opportunity and I will inform my client.
  • I’ll help you re-write your resume if I believe it is needed.
  • Please keep me informed about other activity, particularly opportunities entering the final round of interviewing. We all know how important timing can be, and it’s my job to keep my clients updated on your status.
  • I take an extremely dim view towards counter-offers. I am not in business to help you get a pay raise or leverage your relationship with your current employer. Counter offers are a lose-lose, especially for the candidate whose loyalty is called into question. The old cliche that “breaking up is hard to do” is true, particularly at the offer stage when emotions run higher. You need to think through the counter-offer scenario long before you get to that point. I’ll make sure you have all the information you need from my client to determine whether a potential offer would be acceptable to you before it’s made.
  • I love referrals. If I’ve done a good job for you, please spread the word.

Marketing Recruiter Video Testimonials

marketing recruiter process
marketing recruiter process
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