Jerry Bernhart is uniquely qualified to help you with your catalog circulation and direct mail needs:

Fingerhut. Miles Kimbell. Kansas City Steaks. Gardens Alive. Lands’ End, Orvis. The Sharper Image. Omaha Steaks. Oriental Trading. National Pen.  These are only a few of more than than 130 multichannel merchants that have turned to Bernhart Associates to fill their mission critical catalog circulation positions, from Director down to analyst.  It’s a digital world, but I keep one foot firmly planted in my roots: Traditional direct marketing, including direct mail, DRTV and print advertising.

Need a direct mail expert? We’ve placed many dozens over the past 26 years,  most recently the head of direct mail for Asset Marketing, one of the nation’s largest marketers of collectible and investment grade coins. Our current #1 client is one of the nation’s leading life insurance companies, and they mail 200M+ pieces a year under the direction of one of our placed candidates.

When it comes to direct mail, we’ve got you covered.

A proud member of many regional and national multichannel marketing associations, the Minnesota Association of Personnel Services, Database Marketing Institute and Advisory Board of Data University.