Jerry Bernhart is uniquely qualified to help you with your catalog circulation and direct mail needs:

Fingerhut. Miles Kimbell. Kansas City Steaks. Gardens Alive. Lands’ End, Orvis. The Sharper Image. Omaha Steaks. Oriental Trading. National Pen.  These are only a few of more than than 130 multichannel merchants that have turned to Bernhart Associates to fill their mission critical catalog circulation positions, from Director down to analyst, over the past 3 decades. It’s a digital world, but as a direct mail recruiter I keep one foot firmly planted in my roots: Traditional direct marketing, including direct mail, DRTV and print advertising.

Need a direct mail recruiter expert? We have you covered. Our current #1 client is one of the nation’s leading life insurance companies, and they mail 200M+ pieces a year under the direction of one of our placed candidates.

When it comes to direct mail, I’ve got it “licked”.

direct mail recruiter
direct mail recruiter
A proud member of many regional and national multichannel marketing associations, the Minnesota Association of Personnel Services, Database Marketing Institute and Advisory Board of Data University.