Hiring your digital marketing dream team For those who may not have seen it, Target Marketing recently published a cover story on what to look when interviewing digital marketing candidates as you fill key digital marketing jobs and building your marketing dream team. The very insightful piece was written by Heather Fletcher, who is Senior Content Editor at Target Marketing (NAPCO Media) and a freelance reporter with the New York Times. It includes interviews with some key figures in digital marketing recruiting and marketing, and also features Bruce Biegel, Senior Managing Director with the Winterberry Group, who delivers a widely followed forecast every year to the Direct Marketing Club of New York which I always look forward to reading. I regularly ran into him at DMA conferences over the years, and I’ve always considered it an honor to be associated with anything that has his name on it. I’ve also been associated with Heather, Thorin McGee and just about every member of Target Marketing’s distinguished Advisory Board for more than two decades.

Here’s a link to the interview.

Thanks to Heather for including me in this excellent overview on digital marketing recruiting, and building your marketing “dream team.”