digital marketing placementAnyone who Follows me on LinkedIn already knows how often I talk about the bountiful opportunities in digital marketing careers that exist in ecommerce, and how employment in this space keeps surging every year. Just look at the number of digital marketing placement announcements I posted on my LinkedIn updates during 2016:  Easily 2X the number in 2015.

I believe 2017 will be even bigger.  I already have half a dozen new searches scheduled to kick off immediately after the New Year from Manager level to VP.

This means I will be posting literally hundreds of new opportunities in 2017.  Anyone who is in this space and thinking at all about digital marketing careers for 2017 needs to watch my activity here on LinkedIn.  If you blink, you might miss a helluva opportunity.  Often they fill very quickly.  Many others are confidential and I will not be posting them on a public forum, so for those, the only way to make sure you don’t miss out is to be part of my LinkedIn network to join my “private reserve”. So, if you’re not on it now, this would be great time to send me an invite.

And let me wish all of the marketers of the world a very happy New Year!