Digital marketing and ecommerce hiring

You might think that the last few months of the year would be a slow time for adding to staff positions in digital marketing and ecommerce. After all, for many businesses, particularly those that sell consumer products, crazy season is underway.

But you might be surprised to know that the 4th quarter traditionally is my busiest time of year, and this year has been no exception. In fact, I have to think back many years, back to the Great Recession in 2009, in fact, when year end activity tailed off. And the very reason why Q4 heats up is the same reason why you think it might lag: The holidays.

Filling a mission critical digital commerce leadership position usually does not take a lengthy holiday break. Budgets are set, the year-end clock is ticking, and hiring decisions made in November and December help tee up managers to hit the ground running early in the New Year.

My advice for those who have positions to fill during the first quarter of 2020: Start interviewing now, if you haven’t already.

Getting a headstart on your digital marketing and ecommerce hiring for 2020

I always tell my employers there’s the amount of time you hope the digital marketing and ecommerce hiring process will take, and then there’s reality. For Directors and VP’s, we’re talking, realistically, 60-90 days, and more often than not, it’s closer to 90 after you factor in the back and forth of offer negotiations and giving two-week notice (which often is more like three weeks or even a month).

Digital marketing and ecommerce hiringSo, for searches starting now, you’re looking at a realistic start date possibly by the end of January. If you wait until New Year’s you may not fill that crucial digital marketing or ecommerce role until mid March or even later if your finalist still has a bonus coming. Many actively looking candidates, if given a choice, would rather give notice sooner rather than wait until Spring to make their move.

Seasonality also tends to give actively looking candidates a boost when it comes to hiring. People’s calendars this time of year fill up with trips, family gatherings, holiday parties, shopping, you name it. That means less time to devote to a job search, so it is a great time to gain an edge because of less competition.

Come January, I can guarantee you that will change.

Along with weight loss and more exercise, finding a new job is a perennial New Year’s resolution, so you’ve got a good two months to keep some distance between yourself and the coming thundering herd of new candidates. Check out this Forbes article on the advantages of job searching during the holidays.

Not only is the calendar working in your favor, so is the economy. Economic indicators are pointing up. National unemployment is at multi-decade low, wages are on the rise, each day it seems brings another new record high for the stock market, consumer confidence remains strong, and for those of us in digital commerce, here’s the best news of all: During the third quarter, online spending jumped a whopping 17% over the same period last year, so the outlook for ecommerce hiring is as strong as ever.

Contrary to what many people might believe, the next 60 days is a great time to do digital marketing and ecommerce hiring, and a great time to keep your job search in high gear.