Hiring a digital marketing and ecommerce disruptor

During the course of any given week I read dozens of job descriptions for digital marketing and ecommerce leaders. For the most part they’re very well-written, drafted by owners and other stakeholders who’ve become pretty savvy when it comes to online marketing. In fact, many of them who contact my office are actually doing part or all of the job themselves, some very successfully. If they weren’t busy launching and managing companies, I think many of them would be running digital marketing and ecommerce teams for someone else.
Ecommerce job descriptions are great for initial screening of applicants but that’s where their usefulness ends, particularly in situations where organizations are facing serious digital disruption. To me, job descriptions in this field are kind of like coarse sandpaper: It represents only the the initial pass, with more refinement required down the line. And when it comes to digital disruption, job descriptions don’t always talk about the specific skills you should be looking for to keep your business competitive. What ARE those specific skills? Want makes a good digital disruption “buster”? After interviewing thousands of ecommerce experts and placing hundreds of others, here are some of the attributes that characterize digital disruption busters who are poised to help minimize an organization’s ecommerce vulnerabilities, and maximize their opportunities:
1. They make the purchase process very user friendly. Pretty straightforward, but if you don’t give this top priority, one of your competitors will.
2. They’re masters of targeting- all forms of it. I talk about this one a lot. Big data analytics allows brands to send communications that are highly relevant and personalized, and these candidate are experts at it.
3. They look for ways to add a service to your product.
4. They understand why social media should be an important part of your value proposition.  They use it to convert customers, improve customer loyalty and grow brand recognition.
5. They know how to turbo-charge outdated website search and filtering features, which will boost conversion rates.
6. They understand that being a digital disruption buster means greater speed, and that includes offering a real-time exchange of information.
7. They know the importance of greater transparency. If you’re not being open, direct, and honest with your customers, these candidates will make sure you are.
8. They know supply chain. They know how to make it more efficient and where to smooth out the speed bumps.
9. They can introduce a new way of thinking to organizations that lack a digital mind-set. If you’re a business can’t think and act like a digital marketing organization, you won’t be one.
10. They know exactly where your digital marketing budget should be invested to provide high quality, relevant customer experiences.
I don’t know any business that doesn’t want a piece of the digital pie, but just because they have some cutting-ege technology in place doesn’t mean they’re going to be a serious player. Are you a business that’s under threat of digital disruption?  Hire a digital disruption killer. They’ll help you become a TRUE digital business.