Ecommerce and Digital Marketing Recruiting Hiring Trends – Q1 2016

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People ask me every day: How’s the job market for marketers?  What are employers looking for most, and where?  What are the latest ecommerce and digital marketing recruiting hiring trends? As a highly visible and veteran headhunter in this space, online as well as offline, I have a pretty good perspective on things. I engage [...]

Digital Marketing Executive Search: Now’s the Time for Digital Marketing Recruiting

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If you’re a hiring manager, you may not realize it but you’re staring a rare opportunity in the face. Believe me, after being in the digital marketing executive search business for more than 2o years and surviving multiple recessions, a dot-com bust, market meltdowns, you name it, I recognize a good window of opportunity for [...]

Thinking about Careers in Ecommerce and Digital Marketing? The Time Is Now!

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The outlook for careers in ecommerce and digital marketing has never been brighter. Just one generation ago, the internet was an obscure network of large computers used only by a small community of academic enthusiasts. Barely a handful of visionaries at the time predicted that someday the World Wide Web would play a major role [...]

Digital Marketing Transformation: The Power of Ecommerce and Digital Marketing

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  Last week I sat down with a retail client to talk about a new digital leadership position they’re creating in 2016. Mind you, we're talking about a brand that has been around for nearly 75 years, and like many employers that contact my office the leaders of this particular business find themselves standing at a crossroads: Either continue [...]

Vice President of Ecommerce Recruiter Jerry Bernhart Shares His Hiring Advice

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The Vice President of Ecommerce is the chief steward of the organization's electronic storefront (transactional website). Their goal is to drive new traffic, create and deliver an online experience that will endear users to the brand, and turn visitors into customers while maximizing overall profitability of the online business. The responsibilities of the ecommerce "czar" [...]

Ecommerce Candidates: Know Thy Ecommerce Brand

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Not everyone who currently works in ecommerce or who wants to pursue ecommerce as a career has an MBA or a business degree and studied brand marketing in school. In fact, most didn't. Many come from IT backgrounds, and I've seen many others transition into ecommerce from far-removed careers such as law, teaching and retired [...]