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Words of Advice from a Leading B2B Digital Marketing Recruiter: What to Look For in B2B Digital Leaders

By | November 6th, 2016|B2B Digital Marketing|

Most of the US economy is driven by consumer spending versus B2B or BtoG (government), so B2C commands the lion share of ecommerce and digital marketing spend. But as this B2B digital marketing recruiter looks back on 2016, fully half of the searches I conducted this year for ecommerce and digital marketing leaders were B2B, [...]

B2B Digital Sales: The Times They Are A Changing

By | October 17th, 2016|B2B Digital Marketing|

Call me old fashioned.  When I think of the B2B selling process, I think of hitting the road and meeting prospects in person; “wining and dining,” as it were. I still find it a bit perplexing that you can close large, complex deals absent face-to-face interaction- you know, that “look me in the eye and [...]

Having The “Right Stuff” for B2B: B2B Lead Generation Skills

By | March 13th, 2016|B2B Digital Marketing|

Recently, I sat down with the owner of a manufacturing business in Chicago who was looking to hire his first head of digital marketing, specifically with strong B2B lead generation skills.  We were joined by his former and newly retired Director of Marketing who started his career many years ago on the brand side of [...]

B2C Versus B2B: The Narrowing Skills Gap

By | February 29th, 2016|B2B Digital Marketing|

There was time not too long ago when B2C versus B2B, from a recruiting perspective, were viewed as distinctly different disciplines requiring totally different skill sets. One was a cat, one was a dog. It was a rare occurrence when I placed someone with almost all B2C background into a strictly B2B role. But B2B [...]