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/Welcome to the Bernhart Associates Executive Search Blog

Welcome to the Bernhart Associates Executive Search Blog

Bernhart Associates Blog (authored by Jerry Bernhart)

Jerry Bernhart is proud to be widely recognized as a “thought leader” in matters related to jobs and career development in ecommerce and digital/multichannel marketing.  This section features dozens of original and timely blog postings offering unique insight and fresh perspective on hiring key talent in these highly specialized fields.  We hope you’ll find the Bernhart Associates Executive Search Blog to be informative and useful as you build your ecommerce and digital marketing “dream team.”

Jerry Bernhart is the author of “Careers in Ecommerce and Digital Marketing” and “Perceptions of a Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Recruiter” (on Amazon), the definitive recruitment guides for hiring managers, HR profressionals and practitioners in all major specialties within ecommerce and digital marketing. Jerry’s writings, interviews and conference presentations can be found throughout the web.  If you need help with a mission critical hire, we’d like to hear from you.

Jerry Bernhart, Principal of Bernhart Associates Executive Search, LLC, is one of the nation’s preeminent and veteran executive recruiters in ecommerce, digital and multichannel marketing, and CRM. With 80 published LinkedIn articles, Jerry is the “voice” of best practices in the recruitment and hiring of ecommerce and digital marketing professionals. Jerry is also the author of the critically acclaimed book, “Careers in Ecommerce and Digital Marketing,” on Amazon, and participates in many leading digital marketing and ecommerce conferences. Jerry has been recruiting and placing marketing professionals for more than 28 years. Check out Jerry’s other insights on the Thought Leadership section of the Bernhart Associates website.

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About the Author:

Jerry Bernhart is founder and principal of Bernhart Associates Executive Search, LLC, a preeminent executive search firm specializing in omnichannel marketing, ecommerce, digital marketing, and CRM, serving clients ranging from start ups to Fortune 50. Jerry Bernhart is a recognized thought leader and widely followed LinkedIn writer and blogger on recruitment and talent development in these highly specialized marketing disciplines, and is author of the critically acclaimed "Careers in eCommerce and Digital Marketing," the first book of its kind on career preparation and present/future opportunities within the major specialties of ecommerce and digital marketing. Jerry's writings and interviews on best practices in hiring and talent management appear throughout the web. He is a frequent presenter at leading online-marketing related conferences and webinars, and he is also a contributing author to MarketingProfs, Internet Retailer, DigitalCommerce360, Forrester, Loyalty360, DM News, AdAge, Multichannel Merchant, Target Marketing and many others. Jerry has placed more than 750 B2C and B2B marketers with clients of all sizes and across all major industries since 1990. Jerry's blog features insights and fresh perspectives from one of the nation's top recruiters in digital, ecommerce and omnichannel marketing.