• What’s the big deal with big data?  It takes highly educated, uniquely skilled experts to warehouse it, manage it, mine it, analyze it, and ultimately recommend ways to put it to actionable use to help drive the business. Today, they’re called “data scientists”, and not to over use a worn out cliche, the good ones are truly worth their weight in gold (or close to it).

    Recognized as a leading marketing analytics recruiter, Jerry has filled more than 190 positions in database marketing, advanced analytics and data mining, and now data science, dating back to 1990, including individual contributors (analysts), Managers, Directors and VP’s at leading digital and direct marketing agencies, service providers and dozens of Fortune 1000 corporations. Many of these positions were created for the first time, and job descriptions written, under Jerry’s close guidance. Our historical track record of placing superior analytical talent, in a multichannel world, sets us apart. See nearly 50 letters of recommendation for marketing analytics placements, many with major nationally known brands. This marketing data science recruiter has helped dozens of companies build analytic teams, from scratch.

  • Jerry has been interviewed by more than a dozen marketing-related publications for his marketing analytics recruiter expertise, most notably by AdAge in 2013 for inclusion in its top selling report, “Smart Marketing Using Big Data”, on the growing demand for recruiting marketing analytics talent.

  • Author of “Careers in Ecommerce and Digital Marketing,” including a chapter on career opportunities in data science, digital analytics, and the recruitment of marketing analysts.
  • Since 2002, Jerry has been a faculty member of Data University, a business knowledge transfer organization that provides marketers with information, training and consultation in the leveraging of internal and external marketing data to accomplish customer acquisition, cultivation and retention goals.
  • Jerry has been the exclusive marketing analytics recruiter and Director of Executive Search for the Database Marketing Institute since 1996, founded by author and database marketing authority Arthur Hughes. The Institute was founded in August 1993 as a way of teaching the principles of data-driven marketing to American corporate marketers. It began with a with a series of five two day seminars given at York University in Toronto Canada over a two year period. The Institute provided consulting and individual in-house seminars, along with executive search services, for scores of companies in the US, Canada, Japan, Australia, and Brazil. Among our consulting and educational assignments were Dentsu (Japan), Unisys, Hewlett Packard, Bell Atlantic, Cable and Wireless, Toppan Printing Company, Canada Post, USPS, TeleCel (Portugal), MasterCard International, CitiBank and others.
  • Jerry was a contributor to the critically acclaimed “Data Mining Cookbook” by Olivia Par Rud.
  • Jerry has been a multi-year attendee, participant and Advisory Panel member of the Direct Marketing Association Conference and Exhibition, delivering presentations on recruiting and hiring database marketing and analytic talent.
  • Jerry has spoken to numerous SAS User Groups (SUG) groups throughout the US on the importance of supplementing advanced analytical techniques with marketing and business know-how. Jerry has also been a member, multiple times, of the National Center for Database Marketing (NCDM) Advisory Committee, plus an attendee for more than 20 years.
  • In 2003, Jerry predicted a future severe shortage of analytic talent to be brought on by the explosion of customer data being generated on the internet. Click here to read that interview.


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Director of Customer Insight and Analysis
Manager of Customer Analytics
Manager of Database Marketing
Sr. Digital Marketing Analyst
Vice President of Analytic Consulting
CRM Specialist

Data science recruiter
Data science recruiter
A proud member of many regional and national multichannel marketing associations, the Minnesota Association of Personnel Services, Database Marketing Institute and Advisory Board of Data University.