Where to Find Digital Marketing Jobs

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Welcome to the digital marketing job revolution, and the explosion of digital marketing jobs! Companies are paring back their budgets for traditional advertising and allocating more marketing dollars to digital. Traditional ad campaigns are increasingly offering extended content on the web. Practically every print ad, catalog, and television commercial is driving customer engagement online. [...]

Omnichannel Marketing Recruiting: What Makes A Good Omnichannel Marketer?

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In my position as an experienced omnichannel marketing recruiting specialist, I deliver a lot of  presentations on talent management. I talk a lot about the value of “A” talent. These are the multichannel marketers who personify the gold standard of exceptional performance and distinguish themselves by consistently delivering outstanding results and inspiring and motivating [...]

The Rise Of The Customer Experience Officer

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The need for a Customer Experience Officer (CXO) arose alongside the “empowered consumers” phenomenon. As shoppers continue to take control of when and how they engage with a brand, the need to provide a pleasant experience across all channels has become the price of doing business. When an organization names a Customer Experience Officer, [...]

Hot New Jobs of the Digital Era- The Rise of the Chief Privacy Officer

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In 2004, U.S. Secretary of Education Richard Riley made a startling prediction: “None of the top 10 jobs that will exist in 2010 exist today.”How right he was.In just this past year alone, I have placed candidates with such titles as “social media manager,” “chief data scientist,” and “blogger,” titles that weren’t even around [...]

Digital Marketing Sales Recruiter Explains How To Succeed in Digital Marketing Sales

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Nothing happens until something is sold. Despite this being a worn cliché, it’s certainly true, and that’s why sales positions, including digital marketing sales, are frequently high up on lists of the best or most rewarding careers. Even in today’s digitized world, commerce still depends on human touch and people skills. Author and motivational [...]

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